Wherever My Ways Will Lead Me

by Tremaire

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released February 12, 2015

All Songs Written By Tremaire



all rights reserved


Tremaire Marburg, Germany

Post-Hardcore from Marburg, Germany

book us: tremairehc@gmail.com

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Track Name: Wherever My Ways Will Lead Me
I never thought I
Whould say something like this
I never thought things
Could ever turn out like this

It’s not
That I’m not thankful
But from here I
See no way left to go

I always tried
To be someone you could be proud of But I
But I failed

Or at least toady it seems like I did
So I have
To leave you in some way
I hope one
Day this will all get better
But right now
I see no way left to go

I don’t know if this is right
Maybe some day I will regret
But all I know is that right now
I’m not able to stay
All I wanted was to have
Some small place in your hearts
But all I got was something you
Even you don’t seem to know

So I just want to say
I just want you know
Wherever my ways will lead me
You’re somewhere in my heart
Track Name: Hope With No Reason
It's a rainy night the time I can't remember
I was laying in my bed when my eyes found that dusty book
Line for line Word for word
I was torn into the story until I lost myself in it

I was told aboutsome people eho quite lost everything
they ever loved in life
But still they refused to give in
and I read about some person sick to death
But everytime you met her you could always see her smile

Not matter how long no matter
How dark the nights
There always will be some
reason to hope

I kept on reading line for line
I wanted to know the ending
about the people's story but then suddenly something

strange happend because all I read about was myself
standing at the edge while tears shot in my eyes
how I always tried to be an honoroble man but
is it right or wrong where this road ends
so less I do know
but I'm afraid of all the many things I don't know
That's when I start to smile and I just closed the book
I didn't need the end I think I understood

Not matter how long no matter
How dark the nights
There always will be some
reason to hope

Hope is life
Hope is tender
Hope is what will keep you from surrender
If your lost
Hope is all you need
Hope is a weapon you just have to learn to use
Hope can be everything you want